Milestone Services

Fast, extensive and precise! Managing customer information on My Page

  • Easy-to-use Order Management Tool

    Pre-ordering is a standard practice used in the hobby industry whereby orders are placed before products are manufactured and released on to the market. Between the time a pre-order is made and the time of actual release various changes including quantity reductions and manufacturing delays can occur. This, of course, makes for rather difficult management of one’s orders. With Milestone, however, stressful management is a thing of the past. All the information you need is conveniently available on "My Page". Easily access information on order quantity, prices, release dates, quantity per carton, delay notices and much more when you want. Of course, you are able to adjust and cancel via My Page too. Difficult and stressful management is made easy when you order with Milestone.

  • Fast Information

    We keep our customers updated by e-mail with product information and high-quality images on a daily basis. It is not an exaggeration to say that fast, accurate information is the key to a smart purchase, and we make it our primary goal to provide such information in the most convenient fashion possible. Whether a customer wants to get product information or quickly check if additional orders can be made for a pre-order, speed is essential. For this reason, we offer a highly convenient, easy-to-use and interactive website allowing our customers to find the answers to all their questions in an instant.

  • Extensive Selection

    One of the most important duties we undertake is to procure products based on the needs of each individual customer. We are often asked questions like "What items should we buy?" and "How many items should we order?" Of course, no one can guarantee what products will sell well in the immediate future, but since we accept orders from all over the world, we are able to advise our customers on particular trends with key products.

    From the very basics to extremely popular must-have-items, we do our very best to ensure that each customer receives their required quantity at their required time. Naturally, there are times when we may not stock a particular item. In such instances, we go the extra mile to contact manufacturers and reach out to our supply connections in order to procure products. In addition to putting forth that extra effort, we make a point of keeping in touch with our customer along the way.

  • Timely Delivery

    One of the reasons why our customers continue to do business with us is our diligent informing of release dates and other related changes. Anything that can affect delivery, such as product arrival delays, for example, will be displayed on the customer's "My Page" immediately. We also guarantee that your purchased items will be shipped with care and in a timely and precise manner.

    With timely, precise delivery, we can ensure that our customers won't have to risk missing a sales opportunity.